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Indy's other Toys

The other day, I posted a blog about Indy in action figure form and covered the main toylines from 1980 to the present day. But now, I think we should mention Indy in other formats other than just toys. Indy has been lucky enough in recent years to get life in multiple forms other than action figures, namely LEGO toys and even the more high end figures and statues from the likes of Sideshow and Hot Toys.

LEGO is one of those brands that's been highly popular with fans since it's introduction in the 1950s. In addition to it's basic sets, LEGO, has always brought out LEGO sets based around pop culture icons and movies. Indiana Jones was no exception. In 2008, LEGO unveiled it's first set of Indiana Jones toys to the world to coincide with the worldwide release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In addition, LEGO also released a tie-in video game based around their sets.

Both the game and the sets were hugely successful with LEGO fans and toy collectors, as one would expect. Sets tend to vary in price, from £10 on the secondary market for the smaller sets, to £250 for the largest playset they made, the iconic Temple of Doom. They also made smaller keychain figures and magnet figures for collectors. 

In the realm of collectors figures, Medicom released their own 12" scale. It used their Real Action Heroes body. The sculpt is quite derided by fans and even ridiculed by many. Though despite this, the figure comes with a wealth of accessories including a Staff of Ra Headpiece, Nurhaci Urn, Cross of Coronado and Holy Grail

Facially, it barely resembles Harrison Ford and the hair doesn't look much like his either, but for a collectable 12" figure, it's not exactly the worst and it's quite cheap these days as on some sites, it fetches a little over $100. I think that the price tag and the wealth of accessories offset the bad sculpt. 

On the slightly cheaper side of the collectables market, is the Diamond Select Toys Ultimate Quarter Scale Indiana Jones figure. The figure is in the 18" scale and has a wealth of accessories. Sadly, the only artefact the UQS Indy comes with is the Fertility Idol that sits in Indy's open palm. The sculpt on the face is better than the Medicom, but not as good as the Sideshow sculpt. 

Additional accessories include a coiled whip to hang on the belt, a right closed fist. trigger left hand, open left hand with a whip in it and relaxed right palm where the idol sits. The UQS Indy is by far the cheapest, usually retailing for about $50 boxed. 

Now for the granddaddy of all reviews. The classic Sideshow Collectables Indiana Jones. Now this is the one everyone wants to own and put in their collection. It usually retails for about $150. It comes with two sets of hands, a set of gloved hands and bare hands. A whip that can be coiled and uncoiled. the M1917 revolver that can be loaded and unloaded, same for the Browning Hi-Power handgun. The picture above is of the exclusive edition that has a torch and dart, but is limited to about 1500 worldwide. 

If you thought that the sideshow figure was amazing and the grand daddy of them all, then the Hot Toys DX Indiana Jones figure. 

The Hot Toys Indy comes with 2 sets of hands, 2 guns, notebook, 2 seperate bases and the fertility idol. Also a set of Arab clothing. So it could be displayed any way you want on your shelf. Now this retails for about $250-300. But it was sculpted by the best Japanese sculptors in the business and with a wealth of detail and accessories, it's worth it. 

Just one final mention on a largely collectable one, but obscure in Toys McCoy Indy. It's considered to be one of the most sought after and highly collectable pieces that fans want to have in their collection. 

Some claim it's the first 1/6th scale figure made of Indiana Jones. It comes with a coiled bullwhip, plastic fedora, two sets of gun hands, fertility idol, revolver and sandbag. However, the pricetag is one that many fans can't afford, being as at the lowest, he fetches around $400 and can go to a staggering $1000. 

There we have it folks. Just a brief look at the other forms of Indy aside from action figures. Now I'll leave you. 

All versions 12" Indy that have ever been made. 

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