Saturday, 1 December 2012

Indy Reviews: Raiders Wave 1 Indiana Jones (temple idol)

2008 was the year that Indiana Jones fans around the world got excited once again. Nineteen years had passed since Last Crusade and it had been 10 years since the end of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but, the return of Indiana Jones on the big screen with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Young Indy on DVD and the trilogy on DVD. Though that wasn't the only return. We finally saw the return of Indiana Jones to the store pegs since 1985's LJN Temple of Doom toy line. In 2008, we got wave 1 of the Indiana Jones toyline from Hasbro.

 As an action figure, he stands in the 4" scale with the rest of Hasbro's offerings like Marvel Universe and Star Wars. As for the articulation, he has ball jointed neck, shoulders, biceps, knees and ankles. He has swivel wrists, waist and hips. His accessories include the shoulder bag, coiled whip, extended whip, Chachapoyan Fertility Idol and revolver.

All figures in the 2008 toyline came with a collectable cardboard crate that had a small collectable relic inside and a sticker that went on a  special insert. If you put 8 stickers on the insert, you could send off for an exclusive Crystal Skeleton on throne action figure.

Sculpt wise, I think it's an alright figure, not exactly a spot on likeness for Harrison Ford. It's more a generic Ford inspired likeness. There are parts of the sculpt that do resemble Ford at various angles, but he sports a more hardened and determined expression, which often at times comes across as slightly caveman-esque and almost thuggish at times.

Though the real upside to this overall sculpt happens to be with the costume. The jacket itself is a separate piece, giving it a very 3D look. The jacket piece is battered and scuffed. giving it a look that it's been well worn look which is synomymous with Indy.  The washes over the figure are brilliant, giving some life to the jacket as well as everything else.

Overall, as a generic Indiana Jones figure, I think it's a great sculpt, though with a few issues that aren't all that major if they don't bug or annoy you. It's the same with Star Wars. The Han Solo sculpts vary and there's a lot of fan debate over which is the best likeness to Ford.

A definite pick up for any Indy fan or movie fan who wants some 3 3/4" scale figures. Plus it gives so much play options for kids or display options for fans and collectors.


  1. Nice!I thin I'll add ya to my blogroll ;)I'm an eighties kid so Indy was a staple of my childhood and one of my all time favorite action adventure films.

  2. Man I have a few of these figs hiding out in my toy stash. This Indy has a face only a blind mother could love, if she feels his face her finger nails would prolly fall off & lose feeling in her fingers all together. What can I say I bought the older version of Indy as it seems he looks most like Ford w/the lights off & beer goggles does he star in so many Sci-Fi/Toy Friendly Movies & not think that someone may want his likeness on a 1:18 scale toy? I mean really if its because he didn't want to sell out he prolly shouldn't have shot those crappy Japanese Commercials. 6 Days & 7 Nights was a flaming bag of poo that no one wanted to step on let alone needed any action figs from....but yes I too will follow your Indy Blog....good stuff

    1. I do agree with you there GuitarDevil. The amount of Star Wars figures that have a bad likeness of Ford is high, same for Indy figures. I guess Ford just so happens to have one of those faces