Friday, 21 December 2012

Indy Reviews - Ron Hemble

In the realm of Indiana Jones fans, there are many ways we show off our love for the franchise. Some buy every piece of merchandise and have massive collections, some fans are artists and give us fantastic pieces of Indy art and sculpture. There are some fans that have even gone out there and made their own fan movies. The most famous of which would be Raiders: The Adaptation. Then there are fans out there who go the whole hog and make what's known as customs. For those readers who aren't up on the whole realm of toy collecting and it's lingo, customs involve making entirely new figures out of parts of original figures or even repainting existing figures into new ones. This leads me into today's review: The work of master customiser Ron Hemble. 

If you've ever been to ToyNewsI or The Raider forums, you'll have no doubt seen his works involving 12" and 18" figures as well as the more popular 4" figures. He's done figures based on Star Wars, Blade Runner. Star Trek, Marvel, DC and much much more.

What can I say that hasn't already been said by many on the many many forums he's on? The man works marvels and creates masterpieces out of Sideshow Toys and 4" scale figures, plus many other supplies.

For those that want to see Ron's incredible work, you can check out his stuff at

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