Sunday, 3 February 2013

Indy Reviews - Idaho Jones

What an interesting name. Who or what is Idaho Jones? In 2008, Playskool cashed in on the Indiana Jones craze, just like their many other Mr. Potato Head figures with such hits as Darth Tater, R2-Pota2, Optimash Prime and Spider Spud. 

Enter Idaho Jones in Taters of the Lost Ark. He comes with Indy's trademark Jacket, whip, fedora and a golden Mr. Potato Head Idol in his hand. The fedora is unique as when pushed, it plays a series of short clips from the now famous Raiders March. In addition to all this, he comes with an Indy style smirk that can be swapped out for a Mr. Potato Head style grin. 

All in all, he;s a fun little toy for collectors and collectors with young children. The idol is a fun little accessory that's glued into his hand. It's a spud-ified version of the Idol from the start of Raiders. For a child's toy, the coiled whip is pretty detailed, with crosshatching on the whip. 

I'd recommend it for any Indy collectors as well as novelty collectors. It'd make a great conversation starter in any collection. If you can find it on the secondary market like eBay, flea markets or anything like that or even online for a good price, you won't go far with this purchase. 

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