Saturday, 9 March 2013

Indy Review - Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of those movie characters that will forever be engrained into pop culture iconography. From the many parodies on TV from the likes of Muppet Babies to even Tiny Toon Adventures, Indiana Jones is everywhere. This leads perfectly into the wonderful and amazing world of Disney, though more specifically it's Theme Parks.

Indiana Jones has played a massive role in shaping these parks, I'd personally say on par with Star Wars as external franchises that aren't created by Disney themselves. Now, over the years, we've had many items in the theme parks that tie Indy into Disney. These have ranged from pin badges to plush toys of Disney characters wearing the hat and jacket.

In 2008, Disney Theme Parks released an exclusive PVC figurine for it's theme parks. Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones.

Indiana Mickey as many fans call him stands at about 2 inches in height. He's not an action figure in the strictest sense, but he does swivel at the waist, neck and arms. His accessories include the gas mask bag, a whip and an idol in gold plastic that resembles a smaller Mickey Mouse. he can hold either the whip or the idol his hand, but the hand seems a little too open for the whip. If you want to pose him with the whip in his hand, I would recommend using a small bit of sticky tack on the whip to keep it in place.

As for the overall sculpt, there's no denying on who it's supposed to be. This is Indiana Jones. It keeps an Indiana Jones flair, while keeping with the whole animated style of Mickey Mouse. As is expected on PVC items there are mold lines and minor paint bleeding.

As a collector, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't already have him in their collection. He's a must for anyone who collects Disney memorabilia, or collects the Disney/Muppets figures and of course Indiana Jones collectors be they casual or die hard.

If you are ever at the parks, they retail in there for $10. If you can;t get there, you can find them with online retailers or even eBay.


  1. I'm not sure if it's Indy's digs or Mickey that make this figure.Win,win i guess ;)

  2. I think it's a mixture of both. Mickey wearing an Indy costume.