Sunday, 7 April 2013

Indy Book Club - Dark Horse Bonus

Since the main series is done, I just thought I'd make a smaller article showing off the shorter one shots and bonus stories.

The first story was a short 2 page story in the Young Indiana Jones Magazine. It's set between the Mexico portion of Spring Break Adventure and the start of Love's Sweet Song. In this short adventure, Indy overhears a German spy trying to start a mutiny on the steamer he's on. However, thanks to his quick thinking, he and Remy save the day. It's only appearance was in the only issue of Young Indy Magazine.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Aside from Ford playing both, what does Han Solo have to do with Indiana Jones? Well, in 2003, Star Wars Tales published a story called Into The Great Unknown. It's an uncanon short in which The Falcon escapes from an Imperial Star Destroyer, however, a damaged hyperdrive and a blind jump cause the Falcon to crash somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Han believes they've made it to Endor. However, Han and Chewie are attacked by Natives. Chewie flees the scene and becomes the basis for the sasquatch myth. 125 years later, Indy and Short Round come across the wreckage of the Falcon. Upon exploration, Indy notices how "eerily familiar" a set of remains are and the pair decide to leave it be. Look for it in Star Wars Tales issue 19, or in the Star Wars Tales vol 5. trade paperback.

In 2008, Dark Horse released a one shot mini trade. Called Indiana Jones Adventures Vol 1. Set in 1930, it follows Indy from Northern Europe on the search for a statue that's worth millions and has incredible powers. However, Belloq is also after the same statue. Will Indy get to it in time?

In 2009, Indy returned to comics again, but this time in a one shot. The Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day special. It was a flip comic, with one side being a Clone Wars story and the other being the Indy story. The Temple of Yearning. The story follows Indy in Thailand as he's found an old temple with a combination. However, his college intern has stolen a copy of the combination and plans to steal the vast treasure within. Indy decides the treasure is too dangerous to get a hold of, leaving his greedy intern to his fate.

The final short was Indiana Jones Adventures Vol 2 - The Curse of the Invincible Ruby. It was published in 2009 as a digest sized trade paperback, following from it's previous installment, Adventures Vol 1. It's set in 1931 and Indy investigates a series of burglaries of animal statues from around the world. The authorities believe that it's a simple burglary for the black market. However, Indy and Marcus believe otherwise. According to legend, the statues stolen are the keys to unlocking the Invincible Ruby, it's now down to Indy to rescue the statues and prevent them and the ruby falling into the wrong hands.

That's it folks. That's everything by Dark Horse covered. It's been a load of fun putting together these articles as it's given me and the fans reading this an insight into the world of Indiana Jones. All the stories I mentioned from marvel right through to the end of Dark Horse are all worth picking up, so please do if you don't already have them.

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