Saturday, 20 April 2013

Indy Book Club - Last Crusade Adaptation

Another post about the comics? Yes, I understand that I only just put up a blog about the comics only a few weeks back, but the UK version of the Last Crusade adaptation came through my letter box this morning and I felt it was perfect to write about in an article.

The cover itself is rather plain. Just a cropped version of the movie poster against a greyish tan background. There's a picture of Indiana Jones in the corner looking at the reader. It tells the reader that it's a "holiday special". UK readers who are familiar with Marvel UK will know that they produced special comics around the time of the British Summer Holidays around July/August, so that kids on holiday somewhere could read comics like Indiana Jones, Spider-Man, Transformers, Visionaries, Zoids and Real Ghostbusters, but I'll be saving a review of the Marvel UK run for another time.

The comic is essentially a reprint of the US comics, just in black and white. There was a colourised version, but it was serialised in the Incredible Hulk Presents comics, which also featured Action Force and Doctor Who stories. It features the same art as the US comics, which I think feels a little dated, more late 1970s, early 80s than the 1989 era of comics when it was penned and released.

I picked this awesome comic up on eBay for 75p with free shipping. If anyone out there is interested in this comic, I really do suggest tracking it down and adding it to your collection. It's a rather unique piece of British memorabilia.

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