Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Indy Reviews - FIGMA Indiana Jones

Way back into last year, Japanese toy company Max Factory announced a 6 inch Indiana Jones figure under it's FIGMA range. It was due for release in March of 2014. The news of FIGMA Indy had come not long after the release of Hot Toys Indiana Jones.

With the spate of figures getting the six inch treatment, from NECA's movie lines, to Mattel's Ghostbusters and recently Hasbro's Star Wars Black series, Indy's been a bit neglected in this scale, other than the Disney figures, which I'll be covering soon. Is this the Indy that we all need to own or avoid? read on.....

For those that might not be aware or know of Max Factory and FIGMA, they specialise in making 6 inch figures of movie and anime characters and they're similar to Ban Dai's S H Figuarts series of figures. I've got my figure from HLJ and now, to take a look at the figure itself.

In the package is the figure itself, a Webley revolver, a set of eyes, a coiled whip, an extended whip, Grail, Sankara Stone and Fertility, as well as a set of hands that are swappable. There's also a figure stand in there as well. The sculpt is supposed to represent Indy circa Last Crusade, given the accessories and weapons.

Articulation is very similar to Black Series figures. there's articulation in the head, shoulder, biceps, wrists, torso swivel, waist, hips, knees, ankle and toes. The swappable hands can be changed to show a variety of poses and looks, ranging from balled fists, holding the gun or the whip and even having the accessories in his hands.

The paint apps are all done by hand, so your mileage may vary.

Though a side note: as it's a six inch figure, it's designed as a collector's display piece and not a toy. As such, care should be taken on the wrist pegs and whip. Take care not to break them.

I really like this figure. Some people have claimed that they don't like his sculpt because it looks very anime-esque. Personally, it doesn't matter to me as it's designed by Japanese sculpters and a toy company. Other than the sculpting issues and the paint and the flimsy stuff, I'd say that it's a figure worth owning. I paid £35 for mine from HobbyLinkJapan and that was with shipping. If you can find it cheap somewhere, I'd say get it.

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