Sunday, 25 May 2014

Indy Reviews - Disney exclusive Collectable Figure Collection

Disney and Indiana Jones has been going hand in hand since he was first introduced to the parks in the 90s. Disney have started a recent trend of releasing boxed sets of 5 figures based on various franchises as well as their own characters. There have been figures of well known Disney characters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and in 2010, Indiana Jones

The set has a selection of five figures from Raiders, being the German Mechanic, The Cairo Swordsman, Indy himself, Marion and Sallah. Aside from the Mechanic, each figure has his own accessory, though, the Swordsman;s sword is stuck permanently in his hand., same with Marion's frying pan. However, there is a golden Fertility idol, the Ark,a torch and a revolver. 

Each figure stands approximately 4 inches in height, about the same as a Star Wars, Indy or similar scaled action figure. Each one has two points of articulation, the arms move and that's it. They're made from a soft PVC and as such, certain things in the set are likely to be bent, though it shouldn't take much to bend them back into shape.  Paint apps are about what you'd expect for a Disney made exclusive. Not exactly the best, but far from being absolutely horrible. Though looking through several sets, I think they're all hand painted, so again, your mileage may vary. 

The set has been found in various places, such as parks, resorts and Disney stores. It generally retails for $17.99. It can also be found on various secondary markets as well like eBay. Another use for them, if anyone was interested, they'd make fantastic cake toppers or similar

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