Saturday, 24 May 2014

Indy Reviews - Indiana Jones Vinylmations

Ever since they were first released back in November of 2008, Vinylmations have been a smash hit around the world. Similar to their Pins, Disney hit upon the idea to sell blind packaged 3 inch figures in their parks and stores across the globe. After 24 hit series based around the Parks, Attractions, Franchises, Events and so much more, that in January 2014, Indy fans across the globe were treated to Indiana Jones in Vinylmation form.

The line has seven regular figures in Indiana Jones, Marion, Belloq, Salla, Pat Roach Mechanic, Swordsman and Toht. Each figure is about 3 inches tall. Only the Swordsman comes with an accessory, his sword. The others don't come with anything. I do think there's a missed opportunity here for some accessories to be put with the figures. Like a whip for Indy, a frying pan for Marion, a Ram's head staff for Belloq, a shovel or torch for Sallah, a wrench for the Mechanic and maybe a poker for Toht.

The Chachapoyan Fertility Idol is the chaser figure of the collection. It's rare and may take a lot of boxes to finally get. The Indy in Disguise figure is a topper figure. It comes on top of a blind box, making it the ONLY figure you know you're getting. He comes with a Staff with the Headpiece attached. The detail on the figure is amazing. There's carvings on both sides of the headpiece, despite the small size, as well as sweat on the figure's forehead.

There is a rare variant of the Indiana Jones figure, a jacketless Indy figure.

Prices can vary on the secondary market. The standard figures can cost around $10 or so on eBay. The Idol is about $50 and the Jacketless Indy goes for around $100-150. I was in Orlando on vacation for Star Wars Weekends and I was able to score pretty much the entire collection. I highly recommend these to anyone who is an interested in exclusive merchandise and anything Disney.

Boxes are on sale from the Disney Parks store and in the Parks themselves, as well as certain resorts and brick and mortar stores. They're priced $12.95 per box. The Indy in Disguise pack is $24.95 and you can get from the exact same places.

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