Sunday, 1 June 2014

Indy Reviews - Disney Exclusive Action figures

Way back in 2003, Disney came up with the idea to sell a premium style Indiana Jones figure at Disney Parks. They launched their Indiana Jones Action Figure. The figure was sculpted by Gentle Giant, the same company that has made some Indy props as office items

The figure stands around seven inches tall. He comes with a display base, removable hat, whip, revolver, sword, Grail Diary, poison antidote vial and Fertility idol. As for articulation, he has ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel knees and swivel ankles.

Paint apps are about standard for Disney. Pretty spot on. The five o'clock shadow is a little rough, the reddish wash on the jacket looks amazing, giving it a worn look. Though there is a whitish-tan wash on the trousers which seems a little off, can't really put my finger on it. Though Ford's likeness is a little off. It seems that Ford's likeness is one of those difficult faces to properly capture in plastic.

The theme is supposed to be Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with the display base with bamboo poles, the random assortment of accessories, some of which Indy never used, it gives off a more generic movie Indy vibe, not really one film or the other.

Now, onto the next 7 inch figure in the line. In 2014, Gentle Giant and Disney released their second figure. Temple of Doom Indy.

Right off the bat, it's obvious that aside from new arms, it's a complete repackage and repaint of the previous figure. The base is identical, now repainted a lighter tan and the grass painted. It's the same head, hat, torso, waist and leg pieces, just repainted. He has a new set of arms, to give him the sleeveless look from the end of the movie.

His primary accessories are a machete and a whip. He now comes with a repainted Poison Antidote vial, a voodoo idol, a Sankara stone, the Grail Diary, a revolver and the same sword as the previous figure. The trousers are now a more accurate paint job as well.

Sadly, the original figure has since been retired from Disney Parks and can only be found now on the secondary markets. The Temple of Doom figure can be found in Disney Parks, stores and some resorts for about $15.

Now, final thoughts. These figures are sort of Marmite to collectors. Some love them, some hate them. I like them. They're not as well detailed or painted as say NECA or McFarlane or Marvel Legends or DCU, but they're an exclusive collectors piece. Collectors should give them a chance, cause there are a lot worse Indy figures out there.

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